Client Advocacy


As advocates for our clients FPHS works on a state and national level to ensure that people in our communities have the resources they need to plan and provide for their families.

Wisconsin’s Medicaid Family Planning Only Services  (FPOS)
FPHS and other advocates for maternal child health worked with state legislators and the federal government to develop and implement this program to increase low-income women access to care.

Subsequent Pregnancy and Contraceptive Education (SPACE)
SPACE is a collaborative partnership with WIC agencies to provide low-income women with the tools they need to space their pregnancies. EZ-EC Through agreements with other women advocacy agencies and our EC Hotline, fphs is able to provide services to patients in need of emergency contraception.

FPHS appreciates donations from the public to support our continued efforts in these and other program initiatives. Donations may be mailed to the corporate office at 719 N 3rd Ave, Wausau WI 54401.
(Donations are tax deductible)


Campus Outreach

Family Planning Health Services believes that a presence on campuses through out our service area is a key to ensuring that young people have access to education and health care to meet their needs.

If you would like to have Family Planning Health Services on your campus, or you are part of a campus group that would like to speak to us, please contact our outreach staff at 800 246 5743.

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