Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does FPHS provide abortion services?
FPHS does not provide abortion services. FPHS provides all-options pregnancy education and supports the right of the client to make her own decision based on her situation. FPHS staff may not make abortion referrals.

2. Are FPHS services just for women?
FPHS provides screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS testing for both men and women. FPHS is able to enroll eligible Wisconsin residents in the Wisconsin Family Planning Only Services (FPOS) program. This program covers the costs of STI screening and treatment as well as HIV/AIDS testing. Costs of condoms are covered under the FPOS program.

3. What methods of birth control are available at FPHS?
FPHS provides FDA approved reversible birth control methods. These include: hormonal methods such as the birth control pill, patch, ring, shot, implant and emergency contraception. FPHS carries many non hormonal and over-the-counter birth control methods and we also provide Natural Family Planning education and instruction. Emergency Contraception is available over-the-counter for adults and by prescriptions for those under age 17. FPHS can provide education about permanent birth control methods, and can direct people to local providers.

4. I understand my services at FPHS are confidential. Is any of my information ever reported to other agencies?
Positive STI information is reported to the local health department as mandated by law. These results remain confidential.

Non-identifying statistics are reported to state health departments for statistical purposes only. (Such as the number of pregnancy tests provided and the percentage of those tests that were positive.)

5. Your website identifies virtual clinic services? What is a virtual clinic?
A virtual clinic is a system where a client is seen at one facility and their information and vital statistics are obtained by a staff person. Through internet capacity, the client is then put in touch with a health care provider at another location. Their data is shared with the health care provider at the second location. This allows the health care provider to ask and answer health questions and provide assessment for contraceptives in advance or for contraceptive method changes, etc. Through internet technology, the health care provider instructs the facility staff person to provide the client with the birth control method ordered. Education is provided by the health care provider and the staff at the original facility.

6. Does FPHS report sexual assault?
a. FPHS is a mandatory reporter of sexual assault and abuse of those under 18
b. For those over 18, FPHS will assist clients who want to report sexual abuse or assault.