Family Planning Health Services gratefully accepts all monetary donations. In these tough economic times, we see more and more people in need. At the same time, our programs are looking at funding decreases. We appreciate any and all donations to help FPHS continue its mission to serve our communities with high quality affordable care.

All donations you make will be used to provide quality reproductive health care and WIC nutrition services to area families. Donations have always been greatly appreciated and at this time will help us to maintain our services. Our thank you letter listing your donation will suffice for tax purposes.

How to Donate

Send a check to:
Family Planning Health Services
Attn: Nina Parks
719 N 3rd Ave
Wausau, Wisconsin 54401

Make checks payable to FPHS.
Please make sure to write the word donation on your check.

If you prefer to use a credit card to make your donation,
please call 800-246-5743 and ask for Nina Parks, Finance Specialist.
She will take your information and facilitate your donation.